IP Monitor from Pitek

Embedded All-In-One IP Monitor

  • HD base Surveillance Monitor with various screen size
  • Ultimate IP-based Surveillance System 
  • RealTime Multi-Zone Display
  • Support 4 channels of 720P cameras
  • Support 16 channels of 480P cameras
  • User-Friendly OSD - UI
  • Multi-Channel DVR Capability*

ARM SOC Platform

  • ARM-based SOC is superior in terms of cost efficiency and power/form-factor saving, compare with X86/Windows platform
  • Absolutely saving user's money due to minimized  BOM cost and offered open-source software.
  • Various LCD monitor and IP Camera will enable to drive all-in-one intelligent solution effectively, such as High resolution monitor, GUI-based terminal and DVR station.

* Multichannel DVR function will be available in Q4 of 2011.

SOC Specification

ARM11 1Ghz
H/W Video Codex 
Video decode : 1080P 30 fps.
Video encode : 1280*1024 30 fps.
DDR2 533mhz up to 1GB memory size.
TTL interface for HDMI/LVDS/VGA interface.
Support 10/100 ethernet MAC.  
OS : Linux 2.6.31-6